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Project Details - UK Real Estate

Loan Investment Loan Investment POA
United Kingdom, North WestCommercial/Residential
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The Company intends to use the funds raised, to acquire suitable commercial properties, and strategically renovate and manage these assets to achieve the guaranteed returns.

The Key Characteristics of the Investment opportunity.

  • Minimum 22% return (2 years) * and up to 60% return (4 years)
  • 27.2% return on 2 year compound growth option *
  • The investment is fully secured with a Registered First Legal Charge on the targeted UK properties.
  • The Company has been in business since 2009 with a succesful track record.

Investment will provide a double digit return on investment, and allow investors to benefit from opportunities in the real estate market without management commitment or concentration of investment in any one property.

Once converted, the properties become a commercial asset, whose underlying value whilst linked would not be reliant on the variable housing market price index.

* subject to availability

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